Organize an event in your world

You can hold an event in the world you have uploaded.

Use the uploaded world for an event

You can set up a world created with the Creator Kit as a venue and hold a virtual event with cluster.

Log in to the cluster website with the same account you are using in the Creator Kit. You will see that the venue you uploaded is in the venue selection of the edit item of the event you created.

If you want to know more about creating and editing events, please refer to “Create an event - Help Center | cluster” in the Help Center .

Points to keep in mind when organizing an event in a world that uses the game creation function

Most of the game creation features, such as items and triggers, will work with events, but there are a few caveats.

Ghost participants cannot affect the world.

The event may have participants in the form of ghosts.

The event also has a feature called group viewing.

Ghosts and general participants in group viewings (“ghost participants”) cannot manipulate items, are not notified of collisions with items, and cannot activate all triggers.

When creating a world to be used for an event, it is recommended to assume a ghost participant who has/uses items and cannot be notified of collisions with items or entry.

The save function is not available.

The save function is only available for worlds. The event does not save the play status of each player, and the status of the previous entry cannot be carried over when you re-enter the event.