Overview of Game Creation Functions

This section explains how to create a world that can be played as a game.

Overview of Game Creation Functions

The Creator Kit has functions for creating worlds that can be played as games.

By combining multiple components included in the Creator Kit, you can create a variety of game experiences that support multiplayer. There are four categories of components: Item, Trigger, Gimmick, and Operation.

Item is an interactive object (the smallest unit of the world) that can be placed in the world. It has the ability to synchronize the position of objects and allow the player to grab and move objects.

Adding a trigger to an item will allow it to detect what happens in the world and what the player does, and notify the gimmick about it. Some triggers notify you that an item has collided with something else, others add a “use” behavior to the item, and so on.

Gimmicks can be set up to read notifications from triggers and cause various changes to items, worlds, and players. Gimmicks can include moving items, playing sounds or animations, etc.

Operation reads the notification from the trigger and notifies the gimmick of the result of some processing. Operations include a timer function that sends another notification a certain time after reading a notification, a function that randomly selects notification contents, and a function that calculates between messages.