Add Instant Force Item Gimmick

This is a gimmick that applies instantaneous force to an item.

Add Instant Force Item Gimmick is a gimmick that adds instant force to an item.


TargetSpecifies the target of the message to be read. See Gimmick Common Settings for details. This or Global can be set as the target of this gimmick.
KeySpecifies the distinguished name of the message to be read. See the Gimmick Common Settings section for details.
SpaceSpecifies the coordinate axis of the force to be applied. The force product applied by this gimmick will be the Force value plus the Transform rotation specified in Space.
ForceSpecifies the direction and magnitude of the force product to be applied.
Ignore MassSpecify whether to ignore the mass. When turned on, it will add velocity instead of force product.

This gimmick will only accept messages with a Parameter Type of Signal.