Introduction to Unity

This section describes the setup procedure required when using the Creator Kit for the first time.

Installing Unity

Step 1. install Unity Hub

We recommend using Unity Hub for installation.

Open “Download - Unity”, download the installation file from “Download Unity Hub”, and install Unity Hub in your environment. Download the installation file.

Step 2. install Unity

Creator Kit requires a Unity editor that matches the supported version.

After completing the installation of Unity Hub, open the “Unity - Download Archive” page and select the “Unity Hub” button for the supported version. Select the “Unity Hub” button of the corresponding version to launch Unity Hub.

Step 3. select a module

Once Unity Hub is launched, select the following additional modules depending on the OS you are using. Check the required items, and then select “INSTALL”.

For Windows

  • Android Build Support
  • iOS Build Support
  • Mac Build Support (Mono)

For macOS

  • Android Build Support
  • iOS Build Support
  • Windows Build Support (Mono)