Update Creator Kit

This section explains how to update the Creator Kit to the latest version.

How to update the Creator Kit

The Creator Kit is installed using Unity’s Package Manager. What follows is how to update the package to the latest version in a project that already has the package installed from the Scoped Registry.

For projects that have installed the Creator Kit by other methods, please do Add Scoped Registry first.

Step 1. open your project in Unity

Open the project where you have already installed the Creator Kit.

Step 2. update the Creator Kit package from Package Manager

Open the “Packages” window from the Unity menu Window > Package Manager.

Select “In Project” from the drop-down menu at the top of the window.

Expand the Cluster, Inc. > Cluster Creator Kit item in the list that appears, select the version you want to update, and click the “Update to {version number}” button to start the update.

This completes the update of the Creator Kit.