Accessory Item

Items with Accessory Item added can be uploaded as accessories.
Uploaded accessories can be attached to your avatar.
After opening the Accessory Store, you can sell your uploaded accessories to other users by commercializing them and selling them on the Accessory Store.

To use an item as an accessory, see “Upload Accessory”.


Default Attach Bone NameSpecifies the avatar bone that is selected by default when equipping accessories. Accessories can be attached to bones other than those specified here. See the list of AccessoryAttachableBoneNames below for details.
Default Attach Offset PositionSpecifies the default position for the avatar’s bones when attaching accessories.
Default Attach Offset RotationSpecifies the default rotation set for the avatar’s bones when accessorying.

By pressing the “Change to accessory shader” button, you can automatically change the material shader used for this item.
If there are materials that cannot be saved with changes, you will need to specify where to save the duplicated materials.

List of AccessoryAttachableBoneNames

valuebones that represent
Hipsbutt bone
Spinefirst bone of the spine
Chestchest bone
Neckneck bone
Headhead bone
LeftShoulderleft shoulder bone
LeftUpperArmleft upper arm bone
LeftLowerArmleft elbow bone
LeftHandleft wrist bone
RightShoulderright shoulder bone
RightUpperArmright upper arm bone
RightLowerArmright elbow bone
RightHandright wrist bone
LeftUpperLegleft thigh bone
LeftLowerLegleft knee bone
LeftFootleft ankle bone
LeftToesleft toe bone
RightUpperLegright thigh bone
RightLowerLegright knee bone
RightFootright ankle bone
RightToesright toe bone
LeftThumbIntermediateleft thumb second phalanx bone
LeftIndexDistalleft index finger third phalanx bone
LeftMiddleDistalleft middle finger third phalanx bone
LeftRingDistalleft ring finger third phalanx bone
LeftLittleDistalleft pinky third phalanx bone
RightThumbIntermediateright thumb second phalanx bone
RightIndexDistalright index finger third phalanx bone
RightMiddleDistalright middle finger third phalanx bone
RightRingDistalright ring finger third phalanx bone
RightLittleDistalright pinky third phalanx bone