Items are a generic term for interactive objects that can be placed in the world. The Item component is the basis for things like MovableItem and GrabbableItem.


IdA value that is automatically set to identify the item.
Item NameItem name. Appears to the player when grabbed, etc. If empty, the default value will be displayed.
SizeThe size of the area that the item mainly occupies. Each element is specified as an integer. Assume that the area occupied by this item is a cuboid whose size is this value and whose center of the base is the item’s origin. (This area affects things such as the placement of items in WorldCraft. It doesn’t matter if the actual size of the item exceeds this area.) You can check this area with Gizmo. Size can be automatically set by pressing the Set Default Size button. As of 8/16/2022, this value is only used for craft items.