External communication (callExternal) Connection destination URL settings

Settings related to external communication that can be used from Scriptable Item.

Registering the URL used in callExternal of Scriptable Item

By using the ClusterScript API below, you can send a request from an item to a URL specified by the creator.

You can register or change the URL from the window that appears by selecting “Cluster > External communication (callExternal) connection destination URL” in CreatorKit. When you register the URL, a verification token will be displayed in the window.

The response to the request sent when the callExternal function is executed must return this token in the verify field as shown below.

  "verify": "...(verification token)...",
  "response": "...string of less than or equal to 1kB..."

This token only appears once, so be sure to copy it and save it somewhere else. Also, please note that the token will change every time you register a URL.

For detailed specifications, please refer to ClusterScript.callExternal.