Craft item limitations

This is an explanation of the restrictions on items that can be used in World Craft.

In order for an item to be usable in World Craft, it must meet the following restrictions:

Restrictions as an item

Craft items have Item component must be added.
Item Name must be set.
Item Name must be 64 characters or less.
For the Size of Item, one of the elements must be greater than or equal to 1, and all elements must be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 4.

GameObject limitations

Items must contain no more than 128 GameObjects.
All GameObjects contained in the item must have different names.
The item’s GameObject must be active.

Asset limits

Mesh limitations

All meshes must be triangular. (For general asset formats, assets containing quadrilateral meshes can also be automatically converted to triangular meshes and used. Make sure that Keep Quads is set to false in the asset’s Import Settings.)
The number of triangles in the mesh must be greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 5000.
The number of submeshes in one mesh must be 2 or less.
The mesh must contain no weights.
The area where the mesh exists must be within (5, 5, 5).
Items must contain 8 or fewer types of mesh.

Material limitations

Items must contain no more than two types of materials.
The shader is StandardMainScreenView, only Standard shaders can be used.
StandardMainScreenView can use StandardMainScreen.shader included in ClusterCreatorKitSample.

Texture limitations

An item must contain no more than 3 textures.
All textures must be in png or jpg format.
All textures must be less than or equal to 8192 pixels horizontally and vertically.

Size limitations

The final uploaded item must be no larger than 25MB.

Component limitations

Craft items may only use the components described below.

Item component

The following components are available in the item component:

The following limitations apply to item components:

  • RidableItem limitations
    • RidableItem’s AvatarOverrideAnimation is not used
  • ScriptableItem limitations
  • ItemAudioSetList limitations
    • The number of Item Audio Sets must be 5 or less
    • Item Audio Set Id and Audio Clip must all be set
    • All Item Audio Set Ids must be different
    • All Audio Clips must be 5 seconds or less in length, have a channel count of 2 or less, and have a SampleRate of 48000Hz or less
  • HumanoidAnimationList limitations
    • Number of Humanoid Animations must be 10 or less
    • Humanoid Animation ID and Animation must all be set.
    • All Humanoid Animation IDs must be different
    • The total number of keyframes counted per property in all animations must be less than 50,000.

MeshRenderer and MeshFilter are available.
Items must have at least one active MeshRenderer.
The number of MeshRenderers for one item must be 32 or less.
MeshRenderer’s Material settings are used, while other settings are ignored. The mesh must exist within the range (5, 5, 5).

Components involved in collision

BoxCollider, SphereCollider, CapsuleCollider and MeshCollider are available.
All Collider Materials are unused.
MeshCollider must be Convex, and the specified mesh must have a triangle number of 255 or less.
MeshCollider’s Cooking Options are not used.
The number of Colliders in one item must be 32 or less.
Collider must exist within (5, 5, 5).
Shape Components can be used to control Colliders' behaviour.
Colliders with Is Trigger turned on that do not have a Shape component will not be used.

Rigidbody component is used when a MovableItem is added.
Rigidbody components are treated as if isKinematic is true and no other settings are used.

World components

The following components are available in the world component.

The TextView’s Text must be less than or equal to 1kB.