Global Timer

This operation notifies the user of a message that can be read from any gimmick after a specified time.

Global Timer is an operation that reads a message and notifies you of the message after a specified time, which can be read from any gimmick.


TargetSpecifies the target of the message to be read. See the gimmick’s common settings for details. The target of this gimmick can be set to Global or Item.
KeySpecifies the distinguished name of the message to be read. See the Gimmick Common Settings section for details.
Delay Time SecondsWait time (in seconds) between reading the message and being notified of the message.
TriggersThis is the setting for the content of the message to be notified when the specified time has passed since the message was read. For details, please see the Trigger Common Settings. The messages that can be notified by this operation are Global only.

This operation can only read messages with a Parameter Type of Signal.


If the next message is received before the specified time has elapsed since the timer received the message, the current elapsed time will be discarded and a new measurement will be started.