Overview of PITM

PITM (Programmable Item Template Model) is the data format used by Cluster to represent 3D models and behaviors of craft items and accessories.

PITM is developed to represent interactive 3D objects independent of the details of the OS or synchronization system. It adds item metadata and Cluster Script to the 3D model representation in glTF.

When a creator uploads a craft item or an accessory using Creator Kit, the data is exported internally in the PITM format and uploaded to the Cluster server.

PITM Data Format and Upload API Specs

This document provides the following specifications:

In addition, the following sample code is available at https://github.com/ClusterVR/PITMSample.

By using the PITM data format and upload API, you can create services or tools (such as blender addons) that create and upload craft items and accessories without using the Unity Editor.