WorldGate allows you to move the player to any world.


World Or Event IdSpecify the Id of the world or event to move to. (Id will be a string from in the world details URL or from in the event details URL)
KeyThis is used to specify the SpawnPoint that will be the initial position in the destination world or event. If the destination SpawnPoint has a SpawnType that matches the WorldGateDestination and a WorldGateKey that matches the value you set here, it will appear there. (If not, the same SpawnPoint will be used as the normal entry point.)
Confirm TransitionIf enabled, a confirmation dialog will be displayed before moving. If Cancel is selected in the dialog, the move will not be performed.


At least one Collider component is required at the same level as the World Gate component in order to determine collision with the player.

Also, if you want to give collision detection to child colliders as well, Rigidbody must be attached to the same hierarchy as the World Gate component.