World Runtime Setting

A component that configures the runtime behavior of the entire world.


propertiesfunctionDefault value
Use Moving PlatformWhen this value is turned on, your avatar will move along with the floor when it stands on a moving floor in the world.on
Moving Platform Horizontal InertiaWhen this value is on, your avatar will be affected by the floor’s horizontal velocity (XZ axis) when leaving a moving
Moving Platform Vertical InertiaWhen this value is on, the avatar will be affected by the vertical velocity (Y-axis) of the floor when it leaves the floor it is moving on.on
Use MantlingTurning this value on will allow mantling in the world.on
Use World ShadowTurning this value on will enable real-time shadows to be cast on the world.on


You can place up to one World Runtime Setting component on a scene. If you do not place the component, all property values will be treated as default values.

The settings of this component are not reflected in the preview on the Unity editor. If you want to check the avatar behavior, upload the world and check it on the cluster app.

If the behavior when components are not placed is different from the default values in the table above, the CCK version may not be the latest. Please make sure your CCK version is up to date and upload your world again.