World Release

This section describes the steps to publish an uploaded world.

How to publish a world

The world you have uploaded is in a pre-published state, and only you can enter it. In order for other users to be able to play your world, you need to publish it.

Step 1. open the World Management screen

Publishing your world is done in the World Management screen on your browser. To open the World Manager, click the “World Manager” link, or click the “Open World Manager” button from the Creator Kit’s World Upload window.

Step2. try the world

You are the only one who can try out a world before it is released. To try out a world, click the “Try World” button on the World Management screen, or click the “Go Play” button on the World Details screen.

Step 3. publish your world

If there are no problems with the world you have tried, you can publish it. To publish a world, click the “Publish” button on the World Management screen. Once you publish your world, other users will be able to play it.