World Update

This is the procedure for updating a world that has already been uploaded.

World update procedure

This section explains how to update a world using the Unity Editor.

Step 1. Open the world (Scene) you want to upload.

Step 2. Open the World Upload window.

Select “Cluster > World Upload” from the menu.

Step 3. Select the world to be updated

Select the world you want to update from the list of worlds in the “World Upload” window.

If you are not able to log in to the cluster, please check “Upload World” and complete your login.

Step 4. Upload your world (scene).

Select “Upload as ‘World Name’” and select “Upload” when the confirmation dialog box appears.

If you see “Success” in each of the processing items in the “World Upload” window, the world upload is complete.

Reflect world updates

When you update a world and upload it, it will be immediately reflected to the people playing in the world.

Reflect world updates in events

If you update the world used for the event, you will need to reconfigure the venue** to reflect the world update.

Go to the event’s “Edit Event” to open the edit page and save it back as is. Once the save is complete, the new world will be applied even if the event is still in progress. The world change will also be reflected to the people in the venue.